Ping20S is the world’s smallest, lightest, most affordable Mode S ADS-B transponder. At just 15 grams, it allows drone aircraft to respond to Mode S radar interrogations by ATC and TCAS. Ping20S also transmits ADS-B on 1090MHz. No deviations from the Minimum Performance Standards of DO-181E and DO-260B at 20W nominal output power. Ping20S is TSO 112e compliant.

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ping20S shown with FYX Nav position source on a DJI Matrice 100.

Ping20S and FYXNav are paired in a kit for a plug and play1090MHz solution.


Replies to Mode S radar interrogations from ATC and aircraft anti-collision systems
Transmits ADS-B on 1090MHz Extended Squitter.
Meets MOPS DO-181E @ 20W
Meets MOPS DO-260B @ 20W
GPS/Altimeter provided by FYXNav
SMA Antenna Connector
US Patents Pending


Note: Please check your countries radio licence legislations. ADS-B out can require a permit to transmit on 1090Mhz (for The Netherlands this is € 120,00 per year).